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How to Apply

Please submit the following documents to  :

1. Gordon's Application Form 

2. Current CV

3. Letter stating your motivation for applying for the Erasmus+ scholarship and describing the activities planned for the duration of the mobility in the host university. Describe whether you have an existing cooperation with the host university and/or if there is an intention to develop such cooperation in the future.

4. Copy of the first page on your passport

5. Mobility agreement- A “Mobility Agreement for Staff/ Mobility Agreement for Teachers” sets out the programme of teaching / training to be followed, it defines the components of the teaching or training period abroad and emphasizes the mutual responsibility for the quality of the mobility of both the sending institution and the receiving institution. 


 * All documents must be issued in English. *

The final decision regarding the academic and administrative staff admitted to this program will be taken by a committee overseen by the President's office.

The application deadline for the academic year 2018 is 18.12.2017.




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