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Before the Mobility




The following link is to the Israeli Government’s Consular Services and explains the procedures that one needs to follow in order to receive visas (including student visas).


The Ministry of Health – Covid

Medical Insurnace

Every foreign student must be covered by a comprehensive private health insurance policy for the period of their stay in Israel.
The health insurance policy must be provided by an Israeli provider!
Please note: Having health insurance is mandatory in order to apply for a visa!

Many international students of Gordon College have recommended Harel -Yedidim health Insurance Company.
In order to purchase Harel-Yedidim health insurance please contact Ms. Einat Cohen-

Your insurance must cover the following areas:
All medical emergencies
Medical flight evacuation back to your home country
Flight home of remains in case of death
All medical care related to the corona virus

Specific Israeli health insurance policies may have additional requirements please make sure that your health insurance covers you for the full duration of your stay in Israel.
Incoming students are required to send to our international office ( a copy (in English) of the insurance policy that they have purchased so that we can review it and make sure that it will cover the above medical needs of the student.
Below is a link in English that provides information about travel and health insurance.


There are many sites where you can check out apartments to rent in Haifa. We recommend that you contact our International Office for advise. You can also check out these sites below in English (but we are not responsible for the information in these sites):



The following facebook group also has listings. Some of the listings are in Hebrew but can be translated into English through Google translate. Again we are not responsible for the information provided in this site.


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