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Gordon Academic College is one of the oldest teacher training colleges in Israel. Over the years, the college has trained thousands

of teachers, kindergarten teachers, school principals, and education system functionaries, who currently comprise a considerable portion of the education system leadership in Israel. Our teaching faculty includes several of the country’s top academia, education, and research professionals. Many of our graduates hold key positions in the education system in addition to their educational work. Over 4000 students who come from all over the North study in the various academic programs.

The college is a multicultural bridge between the various sectors in Israeli society, and Jews, Druze, Arabs, religious, secular, Haredi, new immigrants, and special needs students study at the college. The college is one of the most advanced teacher colleges in the State of Israel, and it is an innovation leader in teaching in special classrooms. As a top college, we try to give every student the opportunity to maximize their potential and to acquire academic knowledge and a recognized degree, and to encourage them to integrate and engage in Israeli society.


Gordon Academic College's core values include fostering multiculturalism and acceptance of others; aspiring to social justice, humanist education, and equality as a springboard for community activism; strengthening the connection to Jewish heritage and values.

Integrity, dignity, and reliability, which are achieved through open communication; encouraging excellence, innovation, and creativity  and creating a culture of responsibility and commitment. Gordon Academic College will be a place where life long learning and professional growth and development takes place in order to encourage community involvement - for all its graduates, employees, and education professionals in the community from a diverse ethnic, cultural, and social background.


To enable all of our students to get the most out of their studies and educational experiences; encourage them to be leaders and groundbreakers, and to have a macro perspective that shapes one’s education and teaching work and educational worldview, in the spirit of the college’s values and to train teachers prepared to teach and lead in a multicultural environment and dynamic reality, while conducting research that contributes to the changing educational milieu.


Gordon Academic College continues to be a leader and adapts itself to the changing requirements of the education system, modifying its educational programs for the education system while addressing the challenges of the 21st century. It offers 2 cycles: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Degree with teaching certificate in the following fields: English, Science, Mathematics, Bible, Literature, Communication, Language, Israel culture and heritage, Special Education and Early childhood (Child development); and Master of Education (M.Ed.), a graduate degree designed to provide professional advancement to current and aspiring teachers, educators and school professionals. Gordon Academic College provides four Graduate Studies programs, three M.Ed. (Master of Education) programs, and an M.Teach. (Master of Teaching) program, as follows: 

   1. Inclusive Education M.Ed. program provides research foundations and techniques in inclusive classrooms and kindergartens.         The program is aimed at upgrading the educators' skills regarding the integration, involvement and well-being of students                 from a wide range of backgrounds such as special needs, cultures and disabilities.


  2. Educational Leadership and Administration M.Ed. program (also referred to as, The Management of Educational Systems)              provides academic foundations and techniques related to the myriad philosophies, characteristics and tasks of school                          leadership and management. It is aimed at educators who intend to lead and manage formal and informal educational                       systems,  and to gain a systemic view of educational systems.


   3. Teaching, Learning and Mentoring M.Ed. program is aimed at educators who see themselves in positions of educational                   leadership, planning and teacher training design and implementation. The program provides theoretical and practical

       techniques in instructional methods, teacher mentoring and interactional skills, and is aimed at three groups: Teachers- at the

       elementary and secondary levels; kindergarten teachers in early education programs and training educators in non-

       educational organizations


    4. M.Teach program - provides a master degree with a high school teaching certificate. The program is aimed for individuals who

       already hold a Bachelor degree in the Arts, who seek to enter the education system. 

Gordon Academic College also offers academic programs such as: Retraining of academics; Professional development and continuing studies; Diploma studies; Pre-academic studies and Gordon Academic College’s Excellence Program which is aimed for outstanding students in order to attract the very best to teaching. The students benefit from a full tuition scholarship, and they receive a special stipend on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Gordon Academic College.



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